SONOWAVE Ultrasonic Cleaning - Kainero
SONOWAVE Ultrasonic Cleaning - Kainero


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The Hand-Size Device That Cleans Your Most Delicate Clothes Anywhere With the Power of Ultrasonic Energy!

Remember those beautiful, delicate pieces of fashion hopelessly ruined by a washing machine? Sonowave is the latest cleaning technology, designed to gently wash your favorite items.

It's gentle on clothes, but tough on dirt. Your favorite designs will be thoroughly cleaned with the power of ultrasonic sound waves.

Sonowave is great for everything you would normally hesitate to throw into a washing machine! With Sonowave, “Handwash Only” labels no longer apply. It isn’t just a pretty package - this compact but powerful device consumes about 80 times less energy than a conventional washing machine, helping you make a huge positive impact on the planet and, of course, on your wallet.

Sonowave is perfect for: Delicate Fabrics, Business Attire, Ties, Knit & Wool, Sportswear, Swimwear, even Baby items.

  • Delicately clean your clothes wherever you are
  • Easily fits in purses, luggage, even a pocket
  • Save money on every wash