HVNSleep Relaxation Mask
HVNSleep Relaxation Mask
HVNSleep Relaxation Mask

HVNSleep Relaxation Mask

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The HVN Relaxation Mask is a new, all-natural solution for headache and migraine pain. This dual-temperature relief mask features a 360° thermo-gel design to deliver fast pain relief without relying on leaky ice packs, messy wet towels, or ineffective gadgets.

When heated, the HVN Relaxation Mask calms and soothes tension, easing headache pain. Using it cold constricts blood vessels, reducing inflammation and providing relief from headache pain. Whether you prefer it hot or cold, this mask adapts to your needs, offering quick, effective, all-natural pain relief.
  • Can be used hot or cold
  • All-natural and drug-free
  • Science-backed for proven results
  • Complete 360 degree head coverage
  • One size fits all, stretchable
  • Naturally Relieve Headache Pain In Minutes
  • Blocks Out Light And Sound: for light sleepers and those with sensitivity
  • Stretchy and comfy: Soft material hugs your head for a snug fit
Technical Specifications
  • Extra-filled thermal gel for face/eyes/head
  • Place in the freezer for up to 2 hours for max chilled effect
  • Microwave mask for 15 seconds in household microwave. Do not exceed 45 seconds of heating, always test the temperature before placing it on the face and head. If in doubt, let the product cool for 15 minutes before touching.
  • Do not boil the mask in water, heat in a toaster/oven/heater/hair dryer or place it directly on or near fire.
  • Hand rinse with mild soap in lukewarm water only. Do not machine wash, or submerge in water or the gel material will deform. Air dry completely before use.