Dryer Masher Softener Refill
Dryer Masher Softener Refill

Dryer Masher Softener Refill

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Although the physical shape of the Dryer Masher (be it the Morning Star or the Strawberry) ensures a thorough drying, it is the scented refills within the core that provide the real magic. Make sure you’re stocked up on enough replacement Dryer Masher Softener Refills to cover your household needs! Once you try the Dryer Masher, you’ll never want to go back to liquid softeners or dryer sheets again.
  • Refills last approximately 30 drying cycles on any tumble dryer setting
  • Say goodbye to clunky plastic bottles of fabric softener
  • Enjoy a consistent, Pleasing garden rain scent with every load
  • Soften fabrics